Avoid looking like a Butterball Turkey on Friday…

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We have officially entered the holiday season of merriment and fun.  As we all know, it is a tough time to keep to our normal healthful diets so just a few healthful tips are always good to keep in our back pocket.  I was sent the first seven (I added #8) from my father so I am not sure what the source is…But, great tips!

1.      Eat a full healthy breakfast. Don’t “save” calories for the main meal. This is a particularly good practice for the cook to help keep him or her from grazing during food preparation.

2.      Eat (and serve) fibrous appetizers, such as veggie trays or sliced fruit with light dips. The fiber helps with digestion and fills you so you’re less apt to overload your meal plate.

3.      Drink plenty of water to help with digestion. Limit high-calorie beverages, such as alcohol or sweet drinks.

4.      Get some light exercise before and after the meal. A brisk walk before and a leisurely one after—but before dessert!

5.      Load your plate in sections. Fill half of it with vegetables, one quarter with protein (turkey!), and one quarter with starch (potatoes, stuffing, bread).Choose My Plate

6.      Eat slowly. Savor each bite, which also gives the food time to hit your stomach and give you that full feeling.

7.      Limit dessert to one sensibly sized serving like the size of your fist (which, for Thanksgiving, is probably reasonable).

8.     Remember….THIS IS NOT YOUR LAST MEAL…Thanksgiving will come around next year and you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the same yummies!!  And, you can have Thanksgiving in July if you just love it!

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