What’s Cookin’ Week of April 28th

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The menu plan last week was successfully completed. We really liked everything with one exception. I was not that thrilled about the Honey Chipolte Lime Steak. But, my sister-in-law, Esra, made it and she love it. I think I marinated it too long so my steak was a little chewing.

Esra's Honey Chipotle Steak

Esra’s Honey Chipotle Steak

I also cannot remember where I got the meat from because it was in my freezer so maybe I did not get it at my usual spot to buy most of my meats, Wholefoods (I always feel like their meat takes better — especially the seafood!!). I think I may try it again sometime to see if it was because of one of the above reasons. Here is a picture of her wonderful steak…

Menu Planning Tip: When you are making your menu, it does not all have to be new menu items. Try to add one or two nights of “RECIPE REPEATS” especially when you know you have a busy week…

Meatless Meal 1 (Recipe Repeat): **KID FRIENDLY**  Veggie Patch Tofu Pieserved with side salad and raw cucumbers, carrots, and yellow and green peppers to dip in hummus.

Last time I made this, Lindsey pretty much did all of it other than measuring out the ingredients and pouring the mix into the pie pan.   If you are looking for your child to help in the kitchen, try this one out…lots of dumping and mixing (in a princess dress)!!

Image 1

Meal 2 (New): Asian Salmon Cakes. I have never been into making fish into cakes but I am going to give it a try. I love salmon and I love Asian dishes so hopefully, the combo will prove successful! I will serve this with jasmine rice (bc I know the kids will like this if they do not like the cakes), a salad with ginger miso dressing, and edamame beans.

Meal 3: Pizza Night!! We got a new break maker last week so I am going to try out some homemade pizza dough. My bread makers recipe book did not have a recipe for whole wheat pizza crust so I will try just regular the first time and then experiment using a recipe from the internet next time. We will load it up with veggies, chicken, cheeses…basically, whatever you like!

Meal 4: Crockpot Turkey Meatballs served over whole wheat pasta with a side of broccoli

Bonus Freezer Snack: Company Muffins – cook these up and serve them during the week for your kids lunch with some yogurt, fruit, and a cheese stick…SUCCESS!!

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