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For having inadequate accreditation techniques beforehand online knowledge was criticized.

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Authoring your own family is a rather complicated endeavor which you can realize if you keep reading this blog post. Fiction writing is actually a endless classification, and every author has his favored way of beginning a story or maybe a story. Before beginning writing, pick your market, it may...

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What’s Barkin’ Blog 2: The Nail Clipping Incident

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Guest Post by Ava Baradel Jazz, a five-year old British Retriever, was getting his nails clipped one day at PetSmart. Accidentally, they had cut his nails to short but did not realize it. So one day Jazz came over to our house to get his dog bed and we were playing...

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What’s Cookin’ Week of November 17th

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I hope everyone had a great week last week.  We are gearing up for Thanksgiving break next week but truthfully, it always comes so fast that I never feel really prepared to “entertain” the kids all week long.  I need to really get moving on making some plans before boredom...

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What’s Barkin’ Blog 1: Snacks for Healthy Dogs

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**Guest Post by Ava Baradel** This is a guest post by my daughter who LOVES dogs.  You know the phrase “You always want what you can’t have”?  Well, that is what is happening in our house.  She really wants a dog but me, AKA Mean Mom, refuses.  So, instead, I...

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What’s Cookin’ Week of August 25th

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Hi all…I missed last week’s menu and know exactly why I plan my menus every week.  It was KITCHEN CHAOS!  I was stressed every night about what to serve the kids and ended up not being very proud of the things I was making which just created more stress!  The...

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