Corporate Wellness Services

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“Our company asked licensed registered dietitian nutritionist Lesley Baradel to help our teammates learn more about nutrition as part of our ongoing wellness program. She did two workshops on “Yikes! What’s Hidden in Our Foods” and” Food Choices – Making a Difference for You and Your Family.” The information was so well researched and presented, our teammates came away with easy-to-follow ways to improve nutrition choices. She made it FUN and PRACTICAL. People are still talking about what they learned, particularly about label reading, and are applying the new-found knowledge daily.”      — Kim, Team Horner, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Do you have a corporate wellness program? In need of a nutrition expert to motivate your employees to eat better and live healthier, happier lives? Does your current wellness program need a “marketing overhaul” to get your employees re-energized about living healthy lifestyles? Are your company health care costs soaring?


One of the top nutritionists in Atlanta, Lesley Baradel, can create a customized program to fit the needs of your corporate environment. This is accomplished by focusing on chronic disease risk reduction through education, improving health habits, and change in your company’s wellness culture.  Using her MBA and master’s degree in nutrition, Lesley will partner with your company to educate employees about nutrition and, using their feedback, she will develop tailored marketing plans to fit their needs. 


Group Events

“Lunch-and-learns”; professional meetings; neighborhood association meetings are just a few venues.

Suggested topics include:


Laying the Foundation!

    • 10 Easy to Succeed Steps to a Healthier You
    • Food Choices Make The Difference: Menu Planning and Label Reading
    • How to be a Savvy Shopper / Let’s Go Shopping Together!


Let’s Build Up From Here!

    • Breaking through Diet Fads
    • Staying Healthy On-the-Go
    • Combating High Blood Pressure and / or High Cholesterol
    • What’s the Skinny on Eating Healthy Fats?
    • Whole Grains: Why Should I Eat Them and How Can I Get Them into My Diet?
    • How to Reach Your Fullest Potential on a Plant Based Diet
    • The Health Halo: Making Sure your “Healthy“ Foods are Really Healthy



The Balanced Nutrition Coach Approach


Do your employees need one-on-one nutrition counseling that empowers them with the knowledge to make smart wellness decisions?  Using her high quality coaching style, Lesley works in tandem with individuals, or teams (2-5 persons), to set realistic, achievable goals. When setting these goals, Lesley takes into consideration client’s lifestyles, food preferences, cultures, and chronic health conditions. After working with Lesley, clients eat healthier every day in their own way.


Programs include but are not limited to:

    • Group sessions at the office, at the grocery store, at the park, etc.
    • One-on-one health coaching onsite or by phone, Skype, Facetime or email
    • Cooking Classes
    • Internal-team based social networking
    • Smartphone applications (Meallogger©)
    • Team-based competitions

*Ask me about my “Year of Living Well” program!!



Healthy Eating at Work (Vending Machines/Cafeteria Choices)


Do your vending machines need a nutritious “makeover”?  Does your cafeteria need a “dietitian’s overhaul”?  Contact one of the top registered dietitian’s in Atlanta, Lesley Baradel, to discuss healthy vending and cafeteria options.