If It Is Crunchy and Comes in a Bag, Does It Count as a Vegetable?

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If it is crunchy and comes in bag, does it count as a vegetable?

Read on….fresh fruits and vegetables

More Snacks Made From Brown Rice, Vegetables, Legumes Aim to Satisfy the Craving for Permissible Indulgence – WSJ.com.

In my world, NO!!  What counts as a vegetables or fruit is the vegetable or fruit that comes from the produce section, freezer section, or (on rare occasions) the canned food aisle not the one that has been smooshed, dried, flattened, re-dried, salted and spiced in a factory.  Are you wondering if these even enter our house?  Well, yes, we do have these types of snacks, but they are not considered a substitute for a vegetable or fruit or for the most part.  Nothing beats the nutritional value of the fresh or frozen veggie or fruit!!


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