Disclosure Statement

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Disclosure Statement
[Policy updated September 2014]


The information on this site is a representation of my personal and professional nutrition views. It is not meant to be a medical diagnosis or treatment, which should be discussed with your personal physician.


The Balanced Nutrition blog is written and edited by Lesley Baradel. For questions about this blog, please contact Lesley at Lesley@balancednutritionatlanta.com. As of the date this policy was written, I have not accepted any form of paid product reviews in any of my posts. If I do receive monetary compensation for a product reviewed on the blog then it will be clearly marked as sponsorship.


It is the nature of my business that I may accept payment for consulting with various food companies and organizations. Occasionally, I will receive free products to test and review. If I make mention of these products in the blog posts then it is will be an honest sharing of my experience with that product and I will disclose how I received the product. I do not recommend products or companies that do not align with my personal and professional beliefs and philosophy of nutrition. The views and opinions expressed on the Balanced Nutrition blog are purely my own.


I have worked with companies individually as listed on their own business websites:

Good To Grow Juices