Individual Wellness Services

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“You were so amazing with him. I am singing your praises to all my friends. You peeled back lots of layers of why he doesn’t like certain foods and picked up on some themes I had never noticed. And you really got through to him on the fun food. He told me that he noticed that you didn’t like it when he called certain foods unhealthy. So glad that you were able to make that point to him. He definitely got it!”    Mom of 11-year old boy with “picky eating” habits


Need a nutritional counselor to be part of your healthy lifestyle “change” team? Are you a mother or father of a picky
eater or teenager that just needs a helping hand in nutrition?  Are you an athlete in need of a pre-race, race-day, and post-race nutrition strategy? Considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, but not sure if it is right for you? 


Atlanta licensed dietitian, Lesley Baradel, employs a balanced approach using research to guide her recommendations and fueling strategies. She encourages incorporating all foods into your diet in a healthful, balanced way. Lesley supports personalized, healthy eating styles recognizing that food preferences, lifestyle, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns impact your individual food choices.


One-on-One Coaching Packages

One-on-one nutrition lifestyle sessions can be conducted in person in the privacy of your home, at your office, or via telephone, Skype, or Facetime. First, and before meeting, clients are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire describing recent nutrition and exercise history including: future nutrition and exercise goals and a diet recall making iStock_000006368018XSmallsessions more productive. From there, Lesley counsels clients in the areas of:

    • Weight management
    • Sports nutrition for athletes
    • Eating for optimal health and disease prevention
    • Vegetarian and vegan nutrition
    • Overcoming disordered eating


Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Are you unsure about your race day nutrition? How many carbohydrates should you eat/drink? Should you eat protein or fat before you race? The list of sports nutrition questions is endless, but evidence shows that a sound nutrition plan is essential to the performance of beginner, intermediate or elite athletes. Using evidence based research, Lesley works with clients to decipher fact from fiction to identify their specific sports nutrition strategy. Time and experience have made her a wealth of knowledge on sports nutrition in Atlanta. Examples of services are:

    • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Testing and Body Composition testing
    • Complete race day nutrition plan (pre-race, during race, post-race recovery plan)
    • Carbohydrate Loading techniques
    • Hydration Strategy
    • Everyday nutrition plans to avoid sports related conditions such as vitamin/mineral deficiencies
    • Weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain
    • Special diets and sports performance (vegetarian/vegan)
    • Supplements and ergonomic aids

*Lesley is also available for sports nutrition speaking engagements.


Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Makeover

Are the items in your pantry keeping you from eating a healthy, well-balanced diet? Lesley will come to your home and help you identify the “healthy living roadblocks” in the kitchen. During your time together, you all will create a shopping list and identify new and healthy food options for you and your family. You and Lesley will also undergo “label reading reviews,” and weekly menu planning.


Let’s Go Shopping!iStock_000005002057XSmall

Are you overwhelmed by the 60,000+ food items in the grocery store, or the health claims stated on every box? Go shopping with Lesley and allow her to show you how to properly read labels and compare products; look for healthier alternatives to the items you are currently purchasing; discuss the marketing “speak” that can easily trap you into thinking what you are buying is healthy; learn how to plan a weekly menu and stick to it; and much more!


Let Lesley Plan Your Plate

One of the keys to eating healthy, and saving money, is planning your weekly menu. Simplify your life and allow Lesley to do this for you! Lesley and her clients will discuss time constraints, family/individual preferences, and cooking preferences so she can plan your personalized weekly menu.


Recipe Analysis

Have you always wondered about the nutritional value of Grandma’s favorite scalloped potato recipe, and hoped you could make a healthier version without losing the taste and texture? Lesley can help you look at your favorite recipes and make them more suitable for your dietary goals. With her recipe analysis software, Nutribase©, she will complete a full analysis of your recipe(s) that will include a “nutrition facts panel” and shopping list. Your recipes can also be adapted for different numbers of servings.