Lesley Speaks to 300 Boys at Pace Academy

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On Wednesday, March 20th, Lesley had the pleasure of speaking at Pace Academy to 300 boys

in grades 6 to 12 titled “Win From Within:  Fuel Your Body to Strengthen Your Mind”.  

Lesley’s energetic and fun demeanor coupled with a bit of trivia and giveaways kept the boys engaged

and interested.


The presentation focused on encouraging the boys to choose the right foods at the the right times

during the day to keep them alert and focused in class.  Lesley also reviewed the Nutrition Facts

Panel to help them understand how to correctly compare two products.  She ended the presentation

on one topic we all hear about — ADDED SUGARS.  Lesley showed the boys what the amount of

sugar for one 20-ounce Coca-Cola and seven 20-ounce Coca-Colas (a Coke a day) looks like.  The

boys were truly amazed and this experiment created alot of buzz amongst the students.


Lesley is available for speaking engagements for all age groups and promises to make them fun 

for everyone!  She can be contacted at lesley@balancednutritionatlanta.com.


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