Are you looking for a fun “foodie” hostess gift? Read here…

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This holiday season, Hongar Farms let me test out a few of their gourmet olive oils….and GOURMET THEY WERE!  I have always been a big fan of cooking with olive oils whether it be for marinating meats, pan-frying meats, topping my veggies, using it as a dip for bread, or basically any other creative thing I can use it for in the kitchen.  But, the BENISSIMO Olive Oils from Hangar Farms rocked it!!  I am totally addicted.  I think I used up a whole bottle in less than a week and it was just me eating it!!  

Mediterranean GarlicI have tried the Mediterranean Garlic and the Italiano.  Of the two, my favorite is the Mediterranean Garlic.  My thought is that this is also the favorite of many others because it was all gone at Wholefoods so I purchased another flavor…guess, great minds think alike in this case!

Holiday photo shot

My example of my hostess gift. You cannot see all the wonderful herbs at the bottom but they are there. 🙂

So, it dawned on my one day before Thanksgiving that this would be a great hostess gift during the holiday season, especially for my foodie friends.  The tastes is great and the packaging is very upscale.  

So, for Thanksgiving, I put my little Baradel name tag on it and perfect-o hostess gift. I actually just bought mine from Wholefoods (it was on sale for $4.99) but you can find it at Publix, Krogers, and other grocery stores.  At Publix, it was in the organic section, not the normal section where you would find oils.  

Enjoy it on everything and let me know what you think….



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