Recipe Redux – Snacks…Will Travel

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Banana cupcake isolated in white background

Banana Apple Bran Mini Muffins

When I saw the theme for the month, my blood pressure went up as I knew I was going to be called out for the standard “travel snacks” that my kids have for our one or  two 6-hour drives that we take each year. I should start by telling you that for any travel experience that we have, I lower my nutrition standards to make for a more harmonious trip. I love to read the blogs that state they their kids eat ONLY healthy foods (only to make me feel guilty) and think that they must have some magic trick that made all their kids eat broccoli all day long. Well, this is not the case in my house so I will not try to fake you out. Basically, I pack each one of the three kids their own lunch box that they keep at their seat and I allow them to eat anything in the lunchbox in ANY order they would like…even if that means they are downing cookies at 10am!! Just let it go! We only do this twice a year.


“Healthy” Lunchable

So here is the real confession….So what is the thing my kids look forward to on every road trip…LUNCHABLES, PEOPLE! Yes, let me say is again and even a bit louder…LUNCHABLES…mystery ham, white flour crackers, oreos,etc. You know the deal.  But, I will say that I do have my limits on these.  They are now starting to make some Lunchables that are a bit healthier but even these still have an ingredient list that would take too long to count.  So, they are not allowed to get the horrible ones that contain not one healthy item.  The picture to the side is an example of an “acceptable” Lunchables.

So, the Lunchables is the base of the meal but I do add more so don’t get too down on me. I do not have one specific “add-on” item but here are some ideas of things that you will find in their travel lunch boxes.

Impact of the "healthy" lunchable on our last road trip.

Impact of the “healthy” Lunchable on our last road trip.

Travel Lunch Ingredients may include but are not limited to the following items.  I do like to one of the muffins listed at the top.  And, for some trips, I will make a “harmonious” variation on the recipe by adding chocolate chips!  Anything for happiness on a road trip…

Company Muffins or Banana Apple Bran Mini Muffins
– Cut up apples and banana
– Fruit Buddies
– Dried cranberries or raisins
– Triscuits (low sodium) or Wheat Thins (low sodium)
– Frozen Kefir pop (that usually is melted by the time they get to it)

Not sure how creative these are but this is what makes my kids happy.  Enjoy!  

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