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Does your school have a comprehensive policy for the management of life-threatening food allergies when students are at school or in school-associated settings such as a field trip or sports event?
Do your faculty, administration, coaches, and trainers know what to do if a student goes into anaphylaxis?
Who is responsible for making sure the student needing an Epi-pen has their medication available when leaving campus for a field trip or sports activity; or, after school hours if the nurse has gone home?


School Nutrition

Allow one of the top dietitians in Atlanta, Lesley Baradel, to partner with your school to help answer these questions. Having a plan ensures that: students with life-threatening allergies are safe; their parents have peace of mind their child is in safe and prepared hands; the faculty, administration, coaches, and trainers are confident they have the right tools to handle any situation. Lesley will work with schools to reduce risk by creating a comprehensive written policy, and training modules, that address each of the following areas for your school environment:

    • Identification and proper documentation of students with food allergies
    • Individual written management plans
    • Medication protocols:  storage, access, administration
    • Healthy school environments:  comprehensive and coordinated approach
    • Communication and confidentiality
    • Emergency response procedures
    • Professional development and training for school personnel
    • Awareness education for students
    • Awareness education and resources for parents/caregivers
    • Annual monitoring and evaluation protocol


Please contact Lesley for total package or a-la-carte pricing.