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“Thank you! I thought today was just what I needed to develop the nutrition plan for training and race day. I can tell you love what you do. Your enthusiasm makes you a joy to work with. The best part was being told to eat more! Who has a nutritionist like that? Ha!”                   Jack, Ironman triathlete, 2013

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 Are you unsure about your race day nutrition? How many carbohydrates should you eat/drink? Should you eat protein or fat before you race? The list of sports nutrition questions is endless, but evidence shows that a sound nutrition plan is essential to the performance of beginner, intermediate or elite athletes. Using evidence based research, Lesley works with clients to decipher fact from fiction to identify their specific sports nutrition strategy. Time and experience have made her a wealth of knowledge on sports nutrition in Atlanta. Examples of my services include:

    • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Testing and Body Composition testing
    • Complete race day nutrition plan (pre-race, during race, post-race recovery plan)
    • Carbohydrate Loading techniques
    • Hydration Strategy
    • Everyday nutrition plans to avoid sports related conditions such as vitamin/mineral deficiencies
    • Weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain
    • Special diets and sports performance (vegetarian/vegan)
    • Supplements and ergonomic aids

*Lesley is also available for sports nutrition speaking engagements.


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