What’s Cookin’ April Fool’s Week!

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Vegan Spinach Lasagna

Ohh…it is April Fool’s Day on Monday.  I am not that creative when it comes to pranks so I searched the internet for a fun one to play on my kids and found this Refilled Oreo prank, courtesy of Patricia Conte from SheKnowParenting.  Since Oreos are a rare (or possibly never) treat in my house, they are going to freak.  However, I do promise my readers that I will save a few normal cookies for them to enjoy!  I am not that mean.

Try it with your family and let me know how it goes!

Refilled Oreos

Your kids won’t suspect anything out of the ordinary with these treats! Before it’s time for your kids’ after-school snack or dessert, prepare a handful of Oreo cookies for this gag. Gently twist the cookies apart and scrape off the cream filling. Replace the filling with white toothpaste. Set the cookies out for your kids. When they take a bite, the flavor will wow them!
What’s Cookin’ April Fools Week Menu

Meatless Monday

Vegan Spinach Lasagna (Not sure how this will go over without the cheese but we will have to see)


Soy Marinated Flank Steak, baked sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli


Tofu Parmigiana with a simple side kale salad 


Leftovers from Monday

Dessert Night!!!!

Whole Wheat Crepes with Homemade Fudge (secret recipe from my friend, Nixon.  She will not share!!)  and Vanilla Ice Cream


Egg and Bean Burritos


Leftovers from Wednesday night


Out to Dinner




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