What’s Cookin’ Week of December 9th

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The raining weather in Atlanta left me a bit uninspired to make my weekly menu. We are actually very busy this week so unlike the last two weeks where I have been able to really stick to my plan, I am not sure it is going to happen this week. In light of the uninspired-ness (is that a word?), I sent out a FB post to get some dinner suggestions. Unfortunately, I only got two. One was from my Aunt Kim who suggested Skyline Chili. This is not entirely out of the question but I am not sure just yet. The other was from my friend, Nicole, who suggested an easy dish that I have put on for Meatless Monday.

Have a great week.

What’s Cookin’ Week of December 9th

Meatless Monday:  Nicole’s Dish

One pot: 1/2 pound of pasta (bow ties or penne) and last 5 minutes, cut in asparagus. Second pan: goat cheese and salsa – stir over low heat. Strain pasta/asp and mix with sauce. For kiddos, just the pasta with some butter and Parmesan.

Tuesday:  Easy Grilled Lemon Chicken with edamame mixed into brown rice seasoned with Benissimo Olive Olive

Wednesday:  Lazy Day Vegetable and Beef Soup served with hard crusty bread and olive oil with a side salad. My kids are starting to like salad!! Only the iceberg or butter lettuce kind but, heck, that is at least a start.

Thursday:  Soy Marinated Flank Steak (family favorite!!) served with sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas

Friday:  BBQ Salmon with broccoli and couscous

Saturday: Going to see the holiday lights at Botanical Gardens so we will go out to dinner.

Sunday:  Make your own pizza night….get creative and do what you like!

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