What’s Cookin’ Week of January 13th

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Yep, I admit it…I have been off my weekly meal planning for about a month now.  The holidays are crazy and I figured if I was having trouble putting it all together, so were you.  I originally planned on starting up again last week, however, due to a shoulder injury on Monday, I never go to it.  Instead, I have spent my weekly meal planning time icing and doing PT.

You know you've messed up as a parent when every kid is on an electronic device!

You know you’ve messed up as a parent when every kid is on an electronic device!

My menu planning goal for 2014 is to cook 4 meals a week and the rest are leftovers!  What is you weekly meal planning goal for 2014?

I hope you all had a great holiday and here’s to a healthy and happy 2014 of meal planning….KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR NEW THINGS COMING FROM ME IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2014…FINGERS CROSSED!

What’s Cookin’ Week of January 13th

Monday:   Baked Omelet Roll  – this is a family favorite and soooo easy and if you make extra, you can reheat it up….sounds like Wednesday night is leftover night!!   Add some veggies you like.  I have tried many things but I love it with spinach and mushrooms.  If you kids do not like those, add something the do or just add cheese and serve with fruit.  To make it more “dinnery” for the adults, I add a big salad on the side.

I am going to double this recipe…make in two pans.

Tuesday:  Chicken Marabella  – Mom’s favorite!  I attempted to make this over Christmas but it never happened.  So, I try again….THIS IS A LEFT OVER DISH FOR SURE!    I serve with brown rice and broccoli.  The rice mixes well with the sauce and cooked prunes.

Wednesday:  Egg Roll leftovers!

Thursday:  Zesty Tortellini Soup served with a side salad and crusty whole wheat french bread….I really need to get my own bread maker!

Friday:  Oh, so tired I will be….Chicken Marabella leftovers from Tuesday night

Saturday:  Casino Night at my kids school so they are on their own!  Hee Hee!

Sunday:  Pan Fried Salmon served with Snow Peas and Couscous….Mom’s favorite!!

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