What’s Cookin’ Week of January 27th

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Hello world!  I hope you had a great week last week.  It rarely happens but I was able to keep to my menu last week!  Yippee.  The Sausage and Egg Muffins from Ann Dunaway Dietetics were awesome.  I changed the recipe to make it easier for me to make (less chopping) and simple added ham that I pan-fried for a minute on each side and broccoli.  Truthfully, I eliminated all the other spices and ingredients, including onion and peppers, and they were great.  I hated to eliminate the peppers since they pack such great nutrient power but I knew my kids (and husband) would not eat them if I did not.  Maybe next time, I will do some with and some without.

This is going to be a crazy week for me as I have some personal things going on.  My mom is coming to town to help out so I am making a plan but no guarantees on it I will succeed with it.  You may or may not see a weekly plan next week….

What’s Cookin’ Week of January 27th

Monday:  I have come to the conclusion that Monday are a mess around here.  Tyler has too many practices stuffed into Monday that we do not sit down as a family.  So, he and Lindsey always have a meal on their own and usually involves some sort of breakfast item so I can get them out the door quickly.  This week, I will make Spinach and Cheese frittatas and serve it with fruit on the side.  They will love it.  This recipe calls for all sorts of veggies but I will substitute in.

Tuesday:  MOM IS HERE!!  Pan-Fried Cod with Quinoa and French Style Green beans.  I will mix quinoa with parm cheese, peas, Benissimo Lemon Olive Oil (new favorite), and a touch of coarse sea salt and pepper.  TOTALLY YUMMY DINNER FOR ME!!

Wednesday:  Chicken and Sausage soup from Souper Jenny’s!  Yummy!  Serve with salad and whole grain rolls. (soup in freezer)

Thursday:  Whole Wheat spaghetti served with my homemade Chock Full of Veggies spag sauce with steamed broccoli as the side

Friday:  Cilantro Lime Shrimp served over white basmati rice and edamame with a side salad


Saturday:  OUT TO DINNER!

Sunday:  As usual….Salmon in the oven with couscous and some sort of veggie that has yet to be named.

Enjoy your week!

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