What’s Cookin’ Week of June 9th

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Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes last week.  I had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and lots of red velvet cake….4 nights in a row!!  Yummy!!

This week is Camp Baradel at my house.  I am helping out some friends after camps so I will have 3 extra kids at my house every day this week.  That equates to 6 total, including my own.  With that, my focus will not only be on healthy, family friendly, and time-friendly meals, my focus will also be on feeding these kids healthy snacks each day knowing that some of them are a little picky.  That’s my challenge!

Have a great week…

What’s Cookin’ Week of June 9th

Meal 1:  Panang Tofu Curry over basmati rice.

This recipe is a bit more involved that my usual but I am going to give it a try and see if it just looks more involved than it really is.  The comments said that it makes alot of sauce so I am going to add other veggies.

Recipe tip:  To save time, buy a bag of stirfry veggies that you can find in the veggie area at your local grocer.

Meal 2:  “Locker Room” Slow Cooker Cocoa Pork Tacos

My friend, Gretchen, gave me this recipe while we were in the locker room this past weekend.  We had a killer workout and were clearly focused on food…This one is by heart.

1 lb of pork butt (she said she gets hers at Costco)

3 tablespoons of cocoa

1 jar of fresh salsa from the deli section

1/2 jar of salsa from the aisle

Slow cooker for 8 hours….done!!!  Serve with all your favorite taco sides.

Meal 3:  Chickpeas and Rosemary Frittata served with a side salad…one green salad and one fruit salad.  You will need to double the recipe on this one.  I will most likely add spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes (from the garden) to this recipe.

Meal 4:  Parmesan Cod (or Tilapia) (one of my favorites!) served with bok choy and freekeh or couscous

Bonus recipe:  Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins

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