What’s Cookin’ Week of April 8th — Spring Break

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I hope that some of you got to use the Oreo trick on your kids last week.  Heck,  I really do not think that you need to wait until April Fools for that joke — and it gives you an excuse to buy a package of Oreos, one of America’s all-time favorite cookies.  Who does not love an Oreo dunked in a tall glass of cold milk.  I was actually amazed at the variety of Oreos on the market now.  Some have a “blondie” side, some are double stuffed, and then there are just the traditional.   The reaction from my kids was great.  I tried the trick on my 2-year old, Lindsey, my 4-year old, Tyler, and a 4-year old “girlfriend” that was over.  Lindsey look at it and said, “YUCK!” without even trying it — she remains true to herself as being very honest about her feelings.  Our play date recognized that the insides were blue (I could not find traditional white toothpaste which seemed ridiculous) and tasted minty.  She was not sure but kinda kept eating it.  Tyler, on the other hand, dug right in!  I am hoping this is not a sign of his smarts! Overall, it was pretty funny and we did end up having a few yummy, old school Oreos since we are not really supposed to eat toothpaste.

This week, the kids and I are heading down to Naples to see my mom…that translates into a week of minimal cooking!!  Yippee.  Little R&R from kitchen duty is good for me and you!  However, I did put together a menu for those that are going to be on the home front and not frolicky in the wave like us!


What’s Cooking Week of April 8th


Meatless Monday *super simple

Whole Wheat Spiral Pasta mixed with a mixture of steam vegetables (choose your favorites), add tofu (I do not even cook mine) and toss with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

*prep your veggies and cook your pasta on Sunday when you have more time


Pan-Fried Cod seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked in butter and white wine
served with Quinoa* mixed with parmesan and frozen steam-in the bag peas and peas and carrots on the side

*prep on Sunday night


Fancy Grilled Panani’s with Fruit Salad.   Have an assortment of paninis – ham and cheese,just cheese, and some vegetarian with roasted red pepper, hummus, and avocado

Thursday (Crock Pot night!)

Picante Chicken and Black Bean Soup served with simple side salad and corn bread


Pan Seared Salmon with left over Quinoa from Tuesday night and side of steamed broccoli drizzled with olive oil and a touch of sea salt


Take the night off!!


Leftover Crock Pot soup from Thursday

*Since this is a leftover night, you can start prepping veggies and whole grain sides for the next week.  


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