What’s Cookin’ Week of July 29th

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This week has been pretty hectic – but aren’t they all.  I do not think I have talked about it in my blog but one of the projects we are working on is hitting the top 14 parks that Atlanta Parent Magazine deemed as their best picks.  We

Check out this cool swing!

Check out this cool swing!

have been to three so far.  They are Piedmont Park, Centennial Park, and the Old 4th Ward Park.  If you are from Atlanta, you have probably heard or been to the first two.  But, the last one is probably new.  It was AWESOME!  If you are close to the city, it is worth the drive.  The park resides in a newly renovated part of town and has really cool equipment and a small waterpark (bring your suits!  We did not have our so we just played in the water with our

Kids playing in the water

Kids playing in the water

clothes on!!) that are set amongst some man-made lakes and waterfalls.  Love it!!

Meatless Monday:  Quinoa and Black Bean Quesadillas served with fruit salad

This recipe is inspired by one of the vendors at the School Nutrition Association conference that I attended. They served this as a sample…I went back THREE time! It was embarrassing but it was the only thing that I could find that I really liked. SOOOO YUMMMMYY!


Tuesday: Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Chicken served over white basmati rice and steamed sugar snap peas

We missed this from last week!!  

I have found that my Tuesdays are crazy because we get home so late from swimming that I need something very quick to get on the table. 

Wednesday:  Pan Fried Tilapia with Rub with Love seafood rub with steamed broccoli and carrots and leftover asparagus and tomato

Thursday:  Heading to the pool!! Dinner poolside…sandwiches, etc!

Friday:  Slow Cooker Creole Shrimp and Chicken over brown rice

Image 2

This is a bottle sauce that I bought at a farmers market in Cashiers, NC so I am win

ging it on how to cook it. I think I may add some diced carrots and corn to the mixture.

Saturday:  Lemon Basil Salmon over Pesto Risotto and Peas

with a simple side salad with arugula and pine nuts

Sunday:  Grilled Lemon Chicken with Grilled Asparagus and Tomatoes and Corn on the Cob

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