What’s Cookin’ Week of June 10th

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Things have calmed down in the Baradel household but I will say that I think that I am still tired from my race last week.  I had a hard time finding inspiration for the menu this week until I picked up my Clean Eating magazine (given to me as a gift from my college friends).  They had some really nice recipes in there.  Unfortunately for them, I could not find some of them online so I had to link to other sites and not theirs.  Ho Hum!  

I am going to my 4th Sting concert on Monday!!  Yep!  I love him.  So looking forward to his amazing music style.  

Feeling quiet as I write this so on to the weekly menu.  I am not even planning past Friday.  Some weeks are just like that.  I will come back to it later and fill it in when I am feeling inspired.  

I think I need some calm in my life so my weekday names are yoga lingo…  You can catch out all the definitions at The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Lingo.

Also, the featured image at the top of the page if from the blog www.ourbestbites.com.  Thanks for the nice photo!

What’s Cookin’ Week of June 10th

“Half Moon” Monday: Sting Concert!! Take Out night from Wholefoods since I will already be there getting my fancy cheese and wine for the concert! 🙂

Tree Tuesday: Lemon Chicken served over leftover Spinach Pesto orzo from Sunday night dinner served with steamed broccoli

The Lemon Chicken will be prepared on Monday to marinate overnight.   I will add fresh oregano from the garden.

Warrior Wednesday:  Orange Chicken Stir Fry served over brown rice

Three-Legged Dog Thursday: Egg N’ Baked Potatoes. Serve with a side salad to add a bit more veggie umph!

This recipe has not measurements so go with what you feel is right for you family but keeping a healthy balance in mind. I got some turkey bacon and low-fat cheddar and will add some small broccoli bits to its.

Fire-Fly Friday: Greek Style Grilled Fish.  This basically just baked fish with a cucumber-dill dressing on the side.  Served with side spinach salad and some roasted veggies (yet to be determined!)

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