What’s Cookin’ Week of June 8th

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Hey Hey!  Reality hits.  It is Monday morning, June 8th at 7am and I am working after a wonderful week long vacation at Kiawah Island, South Caroline.  I could live there.  It is truly one of my favorite places to vacation.  It actually rained every day we were there but there are so many great kids activities, a nature center, bike paths, and more that we never ran out of things to do.

Lindsey and Tyler mesmerized at the magic show at Night Heron Park on 4th of July

Lindsey and Tyler mesmerized at the magic show at Night Heron Park on 4th of July

Last night at dinner, we asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was.  Here is what the had to say:

Ava – Ice cream at Beaches and Cream at the beautiful Sanctuary Hotel

Cousins having ice cream at Kiawah Island!

Cousins having ice cream at Kiawah Island!

Tyler – EVERYTHING! His usually half glass full. But then he narrowed it down to the fireworks on the 4th of July

Lindsey – Ice cream and the fireworks – but she usually just says what everyone else says so who really knows just yet.

Mom – Eating dinner every night with our family and dancing afterwards to the great music Uncle Joe played

Dad – Bike riding all over the island

Ava actually biked about 60 miles over the course of the week – about 12 miles per day! WE did not realize it until I mapped it out by the end of the week. No wonder she kept telling us she was getting tired and she was eating everything in sight. 🙂

What’s Cookin’ Week of June 8th
Many of the menu items this week come from Skinnytaste.com because I made the menu on my phone while we were driving in the car and it was just easier to stick to one website. Thanks, Skinnytaste!

My weekly theme this week was inspired by my niece, Kyley, who told me that Saturday was National Fried Chicken Day as we were all about to embark on long journeys in our cars. I have to say, we passed about 10 Cracker Barrels and 16 Kentucky Fried Chicken places and the car just kept on going!! 🙂

The National Holiday themes were kindly taken from allfunny.info.

National “Video Games” Monday: Sea Bass with Lemon seasoning (something my Mom gave me), with edamame beans and parmesan risotto

Not doing Meatless Monday this week because we need to eat the YUMMY sea bass before it goes bad.

National “Sugar Cookie” Tuesday: Mushroom Kale Lasagna rolls

National “Clerihew” Wednesday: Asian Salmon with steamed broccoli and whole wheat couscous

So what is the world is a “clerihew”?? According to Wikipedia, a clerihew is a whimsical, four-line biographical poem invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

National “Cheer Up the Lonely” Thursday:  Leftovers from Tuesday night

Here is our opportunity to call the friend we have been meaning to call for some time! I challenge you to do this. Let me know how it goes!

National “Pecan Pie” Friday:  Healthy Breaded Shrimp served with an side salad with cucumber and tomatoes from the garden and shoestring carrots. I will put out sliced cucumbers and shoestring carrots for the kids if they do not eat the salad. Not really sure yet what I will do on the starch on the side so if you have any suggestions, I am open!

National “Fool’s Paradise” Saturday:  Mom and Dad are out to dinner so kids meal – Applegate Hot Dogs, Annie’s Whole Wheat Mac’ N’ Cheese with peas mixed in

Someone let me know what I am supposed to do on this day???

National “Nude” Sunday:  Mom is out of town so Dad is in charge!  I am heading to the School Nutrition Association conference to speak for the National Peanut Board. I will be speaking on Food Allergies in schools and New School Food Regulations.

Yep, people…it is National Nude Day today! What ya gonna do with that one??

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