What’s Cookin’ Week of September 16th

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Thanksgiving is so so close and I am sure that you are all getting focused on your Thanksgiving menu.  But, between now and then, the cooking must go on!  This past week was pretty successful in my execution of what was on the weekly menu.  As I stated for Wednesday, I was not sure if the Salmon Bites were going to happen….prediction correct!  They did not!  So, I froze that salmon and will defrost it for a meal this week.   The Veggie Meatloaf Cakes turned out great – at least for me and Chris.  The kids got scared because they could see bit of red pepper inside so only ate a small amount.  But, they were good so if your kids are like mine, try them but make sure they veggies are barely detectable.  

Tyler's Breakfast of Champions!

Tyler’s Breakfast of Champions!

Looking into next week, I am getting excited.  Chris and I are heading to the mountains for several day for our 9th wedding anniversary.  The only fear is that TICKLEMONSTER, my Dad, and Kim are coming into town to visit.  And, when they come into town, anything goes.  Please see the picture to the right of Tyler at breakfast last time they came.  No more words are needed!!

Have a wonderful and relaxing week.

What’s Cookin’ Week of November 16th

Meatless Monday:  Quinoa with mixed vegetables, parmesan, and sauteed tofu.  I will most likely steam up some peas, broccoli, and peas for my veggie mix.

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner…Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal served with side of fruit (TBD) and hard boiled eggs (just the picture on my homepage!)

**Thank you to YummyLife.com for the great photos of her yummy oatmeal.

This is the first time that I am making this and I know my slow cooker tends to cook meals faster than expected so I am going to test it in the day first so I do not overcook it.

Wednesday:  Chicken and Corn Chowder served with Whole Wheat Rolls (I used Pepperidge Farm Brand) and side kale salad and sliced cucumber and hummus for the kids

Thursday:  Try again Salmon Bites!! served with steamed broccoli, green beans, and leftover quinoa from Monday

Friday:  Grandpa is here….let the games begin!   Actually, I will defrost some of my Chock Full O Veggie Spags Sauce and add some ground turkey to serve over whole wheat pasta

Saturday:  Kids hit the town with Grandpa and Kim

Sunday:  Wow!  My mother in law, Dad, and Kim will be here so I will contemplate this one later in the week.  We could be heading out to dinner again since I will not be getting home until late in the afternoon.  Seems like the least stressful option!

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